Menos mal que nos queda el Blues (At least we have the Blues), is selected for the Stop Motion MX in Mexico. From 17th to 19th august.

La Gota has won a jury mention in the Acharya Tulsi Short Film Festival in India!

New selections for Stop or Melt! The Kleinkaap Short Film Festival in Pretoria (South-Africa) and the Donosskino, Festival de Cortometrajes in Donostia!!!

After the book, watch the movie! Interview televised by Vallès Visió this week, now available online. The Drop on tv!!!

I come back to the official selection of the International Nature Film Festival de Gödölló, Hungary, this time with Stop or Melt!

On today's edition of the Baix Vallès newspaper Contrapunt... The Drop! Here is the article.

19 /april/2017
The Drop has been selected for the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017 to be held in Japan!! This festival is official qualifier of short films for nomination to the annual Academy Award and one of the biggest short film festivals in Asia. The Drop is part of the "Future City Yokohama Award", in competition with 5 short films more.

Stop or Melt! selected for the CinemAmbiente Festival, in Torino, to be held in May.

Kaspa Films goes to California! Fairy Tale will be screened in Mexicali. It is taking part of the Aullido International Music Video Festival. And The Drop will be part of the Water: Take 1 in Ventura. It is one of the 10 finalists to the grand prize. Let's go!

This week opens the festival MICE, Mostra Internacional de Cinema Educatiu de València. Stop or Melt! will be there.
And two more film festivals on the list: the 11th International 100 seconds Film Festival in Teheran, Iran, and the Emirates Short Film Festival in the United Arab Emirates. Don't stop!

This is the night! The premiere of the new music video for my friend, performer and songwriter El Sobrino del Diablo: Menos mal que nos queda el Blues (At least we have the Blues). It is a Blues song, obviously, with the additional voice of another awesome musician: Perrocker. The production has been very time-consuming, combining different animation techniques: cgi, cut-out, stop motion, plasticine on glass... during 6 months. But the result is worth of. Enjoy!

Breaking news! A new Kaspa Films production: Stop or Melt! another collaboration with Danish Jalil. It continues the topic of Stop or Explode! (planet Earth dealing with problems...). And the first selection: Athens' Animation Marathon 2016, Greece.

The Enmut Film Festivals starts today. Enmut is a curious festival because all the selected short films have no dialogues. Stop or Explode! will be present. It will also be the Barcelona premiere.
Today it will be screened at the Mahina Arts Festival Shorts 2016, Tonga, Polynesia (a new destination for Kaspa Films!)

The Drop is back. Last week was the visual accompaniment for the conference "Lands. Water. Source", in Quebec (Canadian premiere!). And these days will be part of the Festival Internacional de Cine Las Yungas, Tafí Viejo, Tucumán, Argentina! Many thanks to the friends of Ojo al Piojo Festival!

GUANYADOR - GANADOR - WINNER. Fairy Tale has won the second prize of the first Sirocortos Music Video Competition, held at the Siroco Club, Madrid!! Many thanks to El Sobrino del Diablo, Bea, Xavi and Ual·la! We made it!

Kaspa Films has three special selections more, and all three for an incombustible drop: the Patagonia Eco Film Fest Argentina, the Nazioarteko Zinetxiki Festival of Bilbao, and the new VOC (Premis i Mostra d'Audiovisual en Català) of Barcelona.

A new Kaspa Films production with Danish Jalil Films, Stop or Explode!, has the firs selection: the Cartoon Club Festival of Rimini (Italy), the Fellinian city par excellence!

The Drop has been selected for the Sembrando Cine Festiva of Lima, Peru!

The Drop has spent a few days at the International Nature Film Festival of Gödölló, Hungary, as a special guest. The hospitality was excellent. Many thanks to the Festival organization!

We present a new production and a new genre: the booktrailer. The book is about... (yes, you guess it) the Kinks!
View online.

Today is a special day for Kaspa Films. Fairy Tale will be screened at the 12 Certamen Internacional de Videoclips de Medina del Campo, The Drop  at the II Rewind Festival of Vilanova del Camí, we have know a new selection for the Festival international du film environnemental of Conakry (Guinea) and we have finished a new short film, Stop or Explode!, with Danish Jalil. A complete day!

Today is the premiere of my book about the British group The Kinks, a personal favourite.
The Kinks. Riffs, kontroversia y té cada tarde is edited by Lenoir Ediciones. Is not animation related (or maybe so...) but I had to say it!

New selections for The Drop (and counting...):
II Festival de Cortometrajes Rewind Festival, Vilanova del Camí (Spain) / Play Festival Internacional de Cinema Infantil & Juvenil de Lisboa, 2016 (Portugal)

We are included in the Catalan Films & TV database. Here is the entry for The Drop.

The Drop in Paris!
This time is not a film festival but a conference at the world summit on climate change 2016, COP21, to be held in Paris. The Drop will be the visual accompaniment of a lecture about water and megacities.
And don't forget Fairy Tale at the prestigious Festival Internacional de Medina del Campo, Spain!

The Drop will be part of the Enmut film festival, a great opportunity to watch the film near its place of birth!
In addition, it will be present at the Festiverd of Venezuela and, attention, the Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata, Argentina. In other words: the most important film festival in South America! Thanky you to the Ojo al Piojo Festival organization!

The travelling drop...
Rural Film Fest 2015, Fuencaliente (Spain) / Cortópolis, Córdoba (Argentina)

The Drop around the world II (and a return to Korea!)
4th International Water and Film Events 2015, Daegu (South Korea) /15 Cine a la Calle 2015, Barranquilla (Colombia) / V Festival Internacional de Cine y Audiovisual Infantil y Juvenil - Ficaij 2015, Mérida (Venezuela) / Festival Internacional de Cine Infantil Ojo Al Piojo 2015, Rosario (Argentina)

The Drop around the world:
Stop Motion MX (Mexico) / International Green Culture Festival - Green Fest, Belgrad (Serbia) / Mostra Ibero-Americana de Cinema de Animaçao - Baixadas Animadas 2014, Rio de Janeiro - Duque da Caxias (Brasil) / Viewster Online Film Fest 4 (International) / Festival Internacional de Cine de la Antártica sobre Medioambiente y Sustentabilidad - Ficams 2014, Punta Arenas (Chile) (yes, near Antarctica!)

Merry Chrstimas... and another production from Kaspa Films, this time is a music video for a song, Fairy Tale, sung by El Sobrino del Diablo, with lyrics by Juan Gómez and Beatriz Layunta, and the collaboration of Ual·la. It is made with the cut-out technique. Today is the premiere!

Desert's Gate (La porta del desert) is the new production from Kaspa Films, made for the Julius Festival of Vic. The topic of this year was "John Ford and his cinematic world".
And it won the Federació Catalana de Cineclubs Special Award!!!
Thank you friends!

Tonight we present at the Filmoteca de Catalunya our documentary about Miquel Porter i Moix, on occasion of the 10th anniversay of his death. A great opportunity to discover his work and legacy.

The Drop has not won the Going Underground festival... but together we have lived an incredible experience! Thank you Seoul for your warm welcome and hospitality!

We are ready to travel with The Drop destination Seoul!
On over 6,100 monitors in Berlin and Seoul subways, 2.7 million passengers turn into an underground movie audience for two weeks.
The first international subway train movie festival, Going Underground has become the world largest festival of its kind presenting short movies to the broadest variety of age groups, nationalities and social classes.
Stay tuned for new information!

Double selection!! Un cèntim de Scrooge and La gota at Mostra Ibero-Americana de Cinema de Animaçao - Baixadas Animadas 2014, Rio de Janeiro - Duque da Caxias (Brasil), to be held on november 2014.

La gota selected at the Going Underground Berlin-Seoul short film festival! 20 films selected for the International Competition, and 6 films for Korean competition out of 967 submissions. La gota (The Drop) will be screened from 25th September to 9th October in the Berlin subway, the Seoul Metro and the subways of Munich.